About Us

AOS odorant delivery vehicle

Alberta Odorant Services (AOS) provides cost-effective delivery of natural gas odorant (mercaptan) to utilities, industry, and oil and gas customers in Western Canada. Our highly trained service personnel ensure safe and efficient filling of all sizes of odorant tanks. 

AOS is the exclusive provider of natural gas odorant to over 500 gas utility meter stations in Alberta operated by gas co-ops, towns, villages, counties, and First Nations. AOS can also supply and install odorant systems and dispose of waste odorant. 

AOS is a private corporation jointly owned and managed by the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops and Gas Alberta Inc. 




  • Bulk natural gas odorant (mercaptan) delivery
  • Installation and servicing of odorant systems for field offices (small canister odorant tanks)
  • Waste odorant collection and disposal 
  • Decommissioning of existing odorant facilities
  • Verfication and reporting of odorant levels

Contact Us

Northern Alberta

Bill Harder

East Smoky Gas Co-op

Crooked Creek, Alberta

(780) 957-3792


Central Alberta

Daniel Moric

Smoky Lake County

Smoky Lake, Alberta

(780) 656-3037


Southern Alberta

Joost Van Ham

Bow River Gas Co-op

Vauxhall, Alberta

(403) 654-2233


AOS Administration

Kevin MacKay

Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops

Sherwood Park, Alberta

(780) 416-6543



SDS for Odorant (Spot Leak) (pdf)


SDS Odorant Masking (NI-712 Orange) (pdf)